Welcome to Registration for 2021 - 2022 Digital Telepractice Training

2021 - 2022 Digital Telepractice Training
From: 9/01/2021 12:00 am EDT - 8/31/2022 11:55 pm EDT
Registration Due: 7/01/2022
Price: $150.00

Telepractice can transform your practice.

Maintaining the standards and procedures of each NILD educational therapy session is crucial. This training will focus on specific guidelines for how the integrity of NILD techniques can be maintained in a virtual setting. NILD educational therapists will see a demonstration of NILD techniques to learn how to deliver sessions with the same accuracy as face-to-face. The entire training takes place online using the Zoom video-conferencing platform, allowing NILD therapists to experience firsthand this user-friendly and interactive format. NILD has tested and refined this method for delivering NILD educational therapy and we're excited to share this medium with you!
 REACH students who are home-bound, geographically remote or otherwise not able to engage in face-to-face therapy

EXPAND your therapy practice and add flexible scheduling

CONTINUE to work with your student whose family moves
 CONNECT with parents, teachers and other colleagues online using the NILD/Zoom platform

CERTIFIED as a NILD Teletherapist on our website

PEACE of mind from know students are still able to receive the interventions they need to be successful, independent learners

**You must have taken at minimum NILD Level I training AND be currently licensed with NILD**

 If you plan to conduct NILD Educational Therapy digitally, you must be certified with NILD as a Teletherapist. This is an additional certification to your standard Educational Therapist license much like the PCET.  If you wish to operate as an NILD Teletherapist, this certification must be renewed annually at a cost of $50 and you must operate under an NILD approved Zoom license (purchasing this license provides certification through Aug. 31, 2022).  I
n order to practice NILD interventions digitally, you MUST either:

  1. Purchase a Zoom license from NILD. This license is HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant (required by NILD for the safety and privacy of our students and therapists) and is priced at $275 for the year (can be prorated depending on date of purchase) and will include certification through 8/31/2021  OR
  2. Work for a school/practice that has a HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant Business Associate Agreement with Zoom (on a paid business or corporate account) AND pay your $50 teletherapist certification fee.

**No other platforms are approved for use for NILD Educational Therapy. Licensure is priced and purchased separately through NILD.

**NILD interventions may not be conducted digitally otherwise.  Anyone found doing so will be considered out of compliance with their license and is in jeopardy of having their license revoked. 

Telepractice training is priced at $150 and is a pre-recorded training available any time.

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