Welcome to Registration for 2020 Level I - East Coast (formerly Lakeland-SEU)

2020 Level I - East Coast (formerly Lakeland-SEU)
From: 6/03/2020 4:00 am EDT - 7/17/2020 1:00 pm EDT
Registration Due: 5/21/2020
Price: $2,550.00

Welcome to the registration page for 2020 Level I - East Coast (SEU)!  

Online begins 6/3

Digital Residency 7/6, 7/7, 7/13, 7/15, 7/17

Register by May 3rd and save $75.  Registration closes May 20th.

Due to COVID-19, we are moving to an online only course.  The four weeks of online work will remain as scheduled.  All residency weeks will be moved to a digital format over a two-week period (See dates above).  

We are happy to have you join us but need to share some very important information.  Please read this before proceeding, THEN be sure to read your registration confirmation email:

Credit: You may take this course:

1) To become an NILD therapist for NILD credit only 

2) To become an NILD therapist and earn graduate credit not linked to a degree program (extra fees apply to both NILD [$225] and the University [up to $275])

3) To become an NILD therapist and earn graduate credit as part of a Master’s Degree program through Southeastern University (extra fees apply to both NILD [$225] and the University)

You must indicate your choice regarding graduate credit from a dropdown menu on the payment page of this registration.  You must also indicate your graduate credit preference with Southeastern during the application/enrollment process. Four week online portion conducted through Southeastern’s online My Fire system. One-week in-person residency.

Register: You must register with NILD and pay your course fees.  THEN, you must apply/enroll with Southeastern University (all participant types) as well as pay all applicable fees. *We are not liable for charges incurred from incorrect credit designations.  Please follow all instructions carefully.

Transcripts: You must upload your college transcripts to NILD later in this registration process AND must also send them to Southeastern during their application/enrollment process. 

Please go all the way through the registration prompts to the payment page to make your deposit or pay your balance in full.  Our refund policy can be found here.  All balances are due two weeks prior to your course start date. 

Who are you registering?

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