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2020 Digital Telepractice Training and License
From: 3/13/2020 12:00 am EDT - 8/30/2020 11:59 pm EDT
Registration Due: 8/30/2020
Price: $200.00
We recognize that your work with students may be temporarily interrupted as K-12 schools are beginning to take precautionary measures, including closing for 3-4 weeks and offering virtual learning.  Many of you have already taken NILD's teletherapy training and can continue to provide educational therapy to your students.  We want to support those of you who desire to continue to work with your students during the temporary school closure, but have not yet taken the teletraining.  

NILD has recorded our teletraining workshop. Included in pricing is the telepractice training, the technical support video, access to the teletherapy e-mail forum for technical and programmatic support, and a short-term, 6-week Zoom license. The Zoom license is HIPAA compliant and required to perform NILD educational therapy via a digital platform.

Please continue through this process to access the training and license information. Please also be sure to "submit for review" once your payment has been made and your order is complete.  
If you have questions about implementing teletherapy, please contact the NILD office: 757-423-8646.

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