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The invitation is for 2019-2020 12 Month Webinar Subscription on 9/01/2019 12:00 am EDT through 8/30/2020 5:00 pm EDT
NILD 2019-2020 Webinars

Choose from a 6 month or 12 month subscription to save even more! Pick and choose any 6 webinars or get all the content with the 12 month. You can still purchase webinars individually and as always, registration for a webinar ensures access to the archive link for later viewing.

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19-20 Calendar

Archived - Weaving Writing Practice into Educational Therapy by Lorri Wilke

Archived - Teachers Promoting Student Achievement through Care and Cultural Responsiveness by Linda Campbell

Archived - Linking Culturally Related Teaching to Written Expression by Bridget Hughes

Archived - The Brain Targeted Teaching Model for 21st Century Schools by Mariale Hardiman

Archived - Developing Educational Equity for All Learners by Larry Jacobs (panel discussion)

Archived - Conversations on Math Anxiety: How Critical Reflection and Discourse may Reduce Everyone's Anxiety  by Carey Borkoski

Archived - Avoiding Rules that Expire: Enhancing your Mathematics Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities by Karen Karp

Feb - Building Success Skills by George Selig & Alan Arroyo

Mar - Insights into Annual Testing by Beth Grimm

Apr - Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Learning by Steven Feifer

May - Return to Learn After Concussions & Brain Trauma by Brenda Eagen-Johnson

Jun - Implementing NILD Techniques to Build Executive Functions by Connie Risser

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