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The invitation is for 2023 Rx Writing Standard - Teletraining B - CST on 8/12/2023 8:00 am EDT through 8/12/2023 5:00 pm EDT

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Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIf you are a Title II or school representative registering someone else, please DO NOT create a new account for that person. Please email either MonicaFraser@nild.org or KimLeFevre@nild.org with the following information: the registrant’s name, email address, and desired training and date.  If you have any paperwork to support your funding source, please submit that as well and indicate your preference of an invoice (with any pertinent bill to information) or a credit card payment link.

1. This is a hybrid workshop comprised of asynchronous work and one day of live, virtual training.
  • Live, in-person training date: August 12 (8am - 5pm CST)
  • Register by July 1 to save $30
  • Registration closes July 29 @ midnight
2. This is a completely online/virtual workshop, you will need a strong internet connection and a webcam. 
3. You will receive an email confirmation after your deposit is made with critical information for this workshop. Please READ it in its entirety.

Description and Required Materials: Please click here to view your workshop description and identify the required materials and pre-assignments.

Please go all the way through the registration prompts to the payment page to make your deposit or pay your balance in full.  Our refund policy can be found here.  All balances are due two weeks prior to your workshop start date. 

Rx for Discovery Writing is a lecture and laboratory workshop designed to train teachers to provide written language intervention in a group setting. Rx for Discovery Writing is specifically intended for students in grades 4-12 whose basic written expression skills are below expected standards as determined by a local educational agency.

Rx for Discovery Writing will build and strengthen grammar and writing mechanics, semantics, syntax, and composition writing skills with an emphasis on the writing process.

This intervention can happen within three 40-minute, weekly small group sessions or two 60-minute, weekly small group sessions. Students who need to master basic grammar and writing skills will most benefit from this program. Though handwriting and spelling skills are utilized and applied, these skills are not explicitly taught in this intervention.

Students will be challenged to apply their growing understanding of grammar to the creation of sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. Students will be implementing grammar, spelling, and usage rules when editing their own written work as well as the written work of others. Language and higher-level thinking skills will be developed and supported in this interactive, small-group intervention that covers research-based writing content while mediation, Socratic questioning, and the strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. In this dynamic intervention, students’ written expression skills will be honed while their thinking and language skills will be strengthened, all within an atmosphere where writing skills are explicitly taught so anxiety and reluctance to write are reduced and thinking is maximized.

Successful completion of this course will enable the participant to better understand student needs in written expression based on the sub-types of written language disorders and understand how to strengthen grammar, writing mechanics, semantics, syntax, and composition skills while also learning how to utilize the group model for Rx for Discovery Writing to inspire reluctant and struggling writers to enjoy the writing process and the ability to communicate their own ideas in written form.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Acquire an understanding of the characteristics of students who struggle with written language disorders
  2. Articulate how the components of written language are related: handwriting, spelling, and composition of thought processes
  3. Design a writing intervention plan and implement techniques that meet the specific needs of a group of struggling writers for grades 4-12
  4. Communicate and implement the theories of mediated learning in a group setting

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